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Discipleship Ministries 

Discipleship Ministry Area Leader:

Pastor Keith Long - keith@faithbfc.com



Discipleship Ministries exists to promote the spiritual growth of members and attenders of FBFC.  This Ministry area seeks to develop strong, mature Christians who are committed to the Lord and His church and who live out the Scriptures. The following ministries are ministering in the Discipleship Ministry area:


Adult Sunday School Ministry

The Adult Sunday School Ministry through the teaching of biblical content and life application seeks to bring about increased levels of spiritual growth and stronger commitment to the Lord and His church in members and attenders.


Advanced Discipleship Ministry

The Advanced Discipleship Ministry uses various means to help members and attenders attain a higher level of spiritual maturity and commitment.


Financial Discipleship Ministry

The Financial Discipleship Ministry seeks to provide biblical financial training to our members and attenders so they can care for the financial area of their lives from a godly perspective.


Leadership Ministry

The Leadership Ministry seeks to develop the leadership potential of future leaders and continue to grow the leadership skills and abilities of current leaders.


Library Ministry

The Library Ministry will make Christian oriented literature available that will be spiritually profitable to members and attenders.


Marriage Savers Ministry

The Marriage Savers Ministry seeks to support and strengthen the marriages of members and attenders and prepare couples associated with the church for marriage.


One-On-One Discipleship Ministry

The One-On-One Discipleship Ministry exists to convey the fundamental doctrines and life principles of the Christian faith to immature believers on a one-to-one basis.


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