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Our Philosophy of Ministry

Just as the body's DNA defines the characteristics of the body, the Philosophy of Ministry shapes and defines the character of a church.  Although all healthy churches seek to fulfill the Great Commission, no two churches are exactly alike. Each church has different passions and priorities. Many characteristics including the style of music, the informality of service, the style of preaching, the use of creativity/multimedia, and the approach to outreach shape and define the personality of each church. Just as each person has a unique personality with specific likes and dislikes, so will a church.

A Philosophy of Ministry determines how a church will function in its ministry. It guides all the choices and decisions in the church's ministry. Simply stated a Philosophy of Ministry defines why a church does what it does. It will influence every nuance of what a church does, and how it does it. It is a tool to help properly prioritize a church's time and energy. It enables the church to spend time on essentials rather than incidentals.

The Philosophy of Ministry of Faith Bible Fellowship Church arises out of: (1) Its Purpose Statement, (2) Its Missions Statement, and (3) Its Core Values.

1.                  PURPOSE STATEMENT
FBFC exists to: (1) Bring people to faith in Christ, (2) Lead them in God-honoring worship, (3) Bond them to fellow believers, (4) Build them up in spiritual maturity, and (5) Direct them into fruitful ministry.

2.                  MISSION STATEMENT
The mission statement of FBFC is: To glorify God by transforming people into fully committed followers of Christ.

3.                  CORE VALUES
We value being

a.       Biblically Based
We make Scripture, rather than church tradition, the final authority. We seek to preach and teach accurately from the Bible and apply it to our lives.

b.      Believer Equipped
We believe members and attenders need to use their spiritual gifts to serve the Lord. It's the ministry of church leaders to equip the people of the church to minister.

c.       Culturally Relevant
We try to adapt our ministry to current needs and trends in American life, without compromising biblical absolutes. We attempt to communicate the good news of Jesus Christ to our community in ways it can be understood.

d.      Elder Led
We believe that the Scripture directs that the local church be led by men of godly character who are called as elders and seek to discern God's will and provide care for God's flock.

e.       Family Affirming
We seek to provide an atmosphere and resources which strengthen marriages and families.

f.        Growth Committed
We are committed to helping our people grow spiritually. We provide biblical instruction, opportunities for service, and godly examples.

g.       Ministry Structured
We are structured to minister. We are organized in such a way that our people, not committees, take responsibility for the ministries of the church.

h.       Outreach Oriented
We seek to provide a non-threatening environment in which our target, the unchurched people of our community, might be reached for Christ.

i.         Prayer Devoted
We want to be persistent in prayer maintaining a God-consciousness throughout the day continually devoting ourselves to prayer.

j.        Purpose Driven
Everything that happens at FBFC is guided by our purposes: Evangelism, Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship and Service. All our ministries must fit our purposes.

k.      Relationally Centered
We stress building healthy relationships among our people. We emphasize ministries that encourage Christians to care for each other and share their lives.

faithfully believing, fervently caring

Faith Bible Fellowship Church
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